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WCC 2015 organizing committee has designed technical tours to allow participants to experience diverse innovative technologies and new challenges in Korea’s SW and related industry.
Admission to the tour is free of charge, but places are strictly limited and 30 participants per day will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
Since its global IT research institute, has been making its immense effort to provide Korea a remarkable growth in the field of IT industry. ETRI is the largest government funded research institute in Korea, which strives to advance science by means of formulating innovative ideas; developing new techniques; and training professional individuals in the area of information telecommunications to ultimately enhance social and economic aspects of the modern society.

Preliminary Schedule (Oct 5, 6, and 7)
15:30~16:00 Depart from Daejeon Convention Center
16:00~17:00 ETRI
17:00~17:30 Return to Daejeon Convention Center
ETRI Exhibition Hall
  • 3D Depth Sensing using pattern projection
    (Skeleton Tracking, Gesture Recognition, High Resolution Depth Map Generation, Augmented Reality)
    :(Prototype) 3D Art Drawing System using Depth Sensing Technology, Virtual Aquarium Based on Gesture Interface
  • Augmented Reality based Immersive Learning System
  • Computer Graphics : Digital Actor
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering Technology : Digital Painterly Rendering with Designed Imperfection
  • Stereoscopic Camera with Auto Focus Electronic Convergence Functions
  • Portable Korean-English Automatic Speech Translation System
  • UHF-RFID Smart Shelf for Wine Application
* Since ETRI is a national security area, personal information including name, affiliation and position of all foreign visitors will be required in advance.